WEEE Recycling Newcastle

WEEE recycling Newcastle: Your local Commercial WEEE recycling equipment Recycling & Disposal Service covering Newcastle and surrounding areas

WEEE Recycling Newcastle is a service that allows all organisations in the Newcastle area, an option to dispose of all their computer equipment waste, free of charge without any hassle or even better – costs. The whole disposal procedure is well documented and recorded so if the authorities request any info, we have it to hand.

The WEEE Regulations were introduced to the UK just after the millennium, and require all organisations to dispose of their old IT Equipment via computer WEEE Recycling companies that have the relevant licenses / permits. These companies also have to complete and keep waste records. As they are also receiving hazardous waste at their site, they have to complete hazardous waste returns. For each hazardous waste transfer note on each return, we have to pay £10 to the environment agency. Computer recycling Newcastle holds a T11 exemption which allows us to collect, transport and refurbish / recycle computer equipment. As we hold a T11 exemption, we have to keep complete records of everything that has been refurbished and PAT tested. The environment agency checks these every time they visit our site (every 3 month).

The waste hierarchy in conjunction with the WEEE regulations, requires all organisations to consider re-using and repairing their IT Equipment before using WEEE Recycling Newcastle. The fact of the matter is: It is easier to replace instead of repairing. Repairing and fixing IT Equipment is a time consuming job which we know you don’t have time for, that is why WEEE Recycling Newcastle will do this task for you. Everything that is collected will be considered for re-use before being simply broken down and recycled. We keep complete records of everything of yours which has been re-furbished / fixed so when you sign your WEEE Recycling Newcastle waste transfer note, ticking the box saying you have complied with the waste hierarchy, you are telling the truth.