Being a computer recycling and data destruction company, a secure working environment is one of our key attributes. We have 27001 accredited systems in place to ensure these are kept up to date and run as required.

The main ways we ensure a secure service are:

  • Do not hand over your equipment to anybody other than a Computer recycling Newcastle representative
  • All our vehicles are logoed up and all our staff have ID cards and uniforms
  • Our trucks / vans are secured with a tracking device which gives us the ability to see exactly where each vehicle is at every point throughout the day. Should you need to know when your collection will occur, we can update you
  • Any tapes / hard drives are separated from all other equipment in your collection, to ensure speedy erasure
  • DDC Documents emailed over to your own email address (not a main one)
  • All types of HDDs can be erased – SCSI, SATA, IDE, FATA, FIBRE CHANNEL etc
  • All staff are given different access restrictions so only the most trusted and checked are allowed to enter confidential data areas

Confidential data holding areas are in place. Only approved employees are given access:

  • The areas are secured by 24 hour alarm system
  • CCTV monitors all areas 24/7 including the confidential data holding area.
  • Any guests have to stay with employees at all times.
  • All main entrances are secured / occupied including fire doors
  • Shock / Motion sensor panels are fitted to all external walls
  • If an alarm or motion sensor is activated when no one is onsite, a notification is sent to offsite security
  • PAT test sticks / company labels / IP Addresses / Phone numbers are removed before any equipment is re-used, recycled or refurbished. We have specialist label removers. If anything can’t be removed, they are just destroyed for disposal