Data Destruction Services


We offer a wide range of data destruction services; all of which can be carried out at your site and ours.

Please read through the below list carefully to ensure you choose the most suitable destruction method for your organisation.

Hard Drives:

CESG Approved Crushing

Cesg 1
Cesg 2
Data Wiping

Media Tapes/Video Tapes


CESG Approved Crushing prior to shredding
Media Cesg1
Media Cesg2
Media Cesg3

Optical Media (CDs/DVDs/Blueray)

Floppy / Zip Discs

USB Memory Sticks



Mobile Phones

Data Wiping


Routers/Thin Clients with stored configs

Software reset

Data Wiping

Labels / Company references

Removal & Destruction

We guarantee the destruction of all data stored on anything we collect

Offsite Data Destruction:

We are an IT recycling company and our priority concern is data security. If a single device were to escape with confidential data remaining on it, our reputation and yours would be at risk so it is our best interests to ensure continued compliance.

Complete risk assessments have been undertaken and we have installed all control methods available to us.

Whether you choose onsite or offsite destruction, we’ll do our utmost to ensure data destruction is completed without compromise.

Offsite is where your collection and data bearing devices are processed back at our site. This facility is included free of charge with all collections.


Onsite Data Destruction:

The risk associated with taking data bearing devices offsite can blow the boundaries on your risk assessment plan so Computer Recycling Newcastle have onsite data destruction on offer. This involves us attending your site, decommissioning your hardware (if required), removing data bearing devices (if required) and either shredding, crushing, data wiping, factory resetting or degaussing them.

Each destruction method has its benefits:

  • Crushing – crushed media is completely irrecoverable and the destroyed media can be witnessed in its obliterated form
  • Data wiping – multiple data wiping standards and data wiping software platforms can be used to give you the peace of mind you require. Media can be reused after data wiping has been completed
  • Shredding – shredded media is absolutely unrecoverable with the shredded media being viewable
  • Degaussing – this destruction method is fading out as media is unusable after use and there isn’t a great verification process available at the end as the media doesn’t change its form via eye
  • Factory resetting – all media once factory reset can be reused

Other details:

  • Often onsite destruction is chargeable as it involves us bringing our machinery to you. If you dispose of a substantial amount of IT hardware with us then we can provide free onsite data destruction
  • Health and safety isn’t a concern as our health and safety officer has implemented all available controls identified during our risk assessments
  • All our operatives are security vetted to BS7858, trusted, CRB checked, reliable, helpful and extremely well trained in relation to data security
  • Each of our data destruction machines is checked weekly to ensure 100% compliance with our data capability statement
  • We may need to make use of your power source at your premises depending on the data destruction method chosen
  • Computer Recycling Newcastle are available to attend your site out of hours if required to make things are convenient as possible for you
  • A data destruction certificate can be issued immediately after onsite data destruction has been completed