IT Recycling Newcastle

IT recycling Newcastle: Your local computer recycling service covering Newcastle and surrounding areas

IT Recycling Newcastle is extremely environmentally friendly and carries out all business activities ethically and responsibly. No third party organisations are involved in the computer IT Recycling that we provide in the Newcastle region. Such ways we go by doing this are:

  • All IT Recycling Newcastle collections are well organised to prevent delays or problems occurring.
  • All vehicles are serviced and maintained by our transport manager. The majority of our vehicles are under 3 years of age.
  • All vehicles are fitted with GPS tracking devices allowing us to monitor the vehicles fuel efficiency as well as being able to update customers with an ETA on their collection.
  • Absolutely everything we collect is recycled or re-used. Nothing goes to waste. Everything that hasn’t been reused gets broken down into different materials to be recycled including plastic, metals, cable, batteries, cardboard/paper, general waste etc.
  • We recycle our own consumables such as toners/ink cartridges. Any that can be re-used are and any that can’t be re-filled are broken down to various materials.
  • All light bulbs are energy efficient.
  • All electric items are turned off during the night and when not in use.

A recent IT Recycling Newcastle customer was beyond pleased with the service they received. Their requirements were quite specific: The customer called up from a large insurance company in the centre of Newcastle and wanting over 300 computers removing for secure recycling before the end of the month which was 2 weeks away. Each computer had to have its hard drive removed onsite and then asset barcode scanned as the customer required a hard drive disposal list. They also had a large list of other IT Equipment items for disposal such as computer servers, cables, monitors (CRT and LCD), UPSs and misc accessories. The hard drives then needed destroying onsite to CESG standards. Computer recycling Newcastle advised them to use our IT Recycling Newcastle service.