IT Disposal Newcastle

IT disposal Newcastle: Your local IT disposal service covering Newcastle and surrounding areas

Alongside our IT Disposal Newcastle service, we can also provide a range of data destruction and asset logging services to meet your current disposal standards. We can do two types of data destruction – onsite and offsite. Onsite is where we data destroy at your address and offsite is where we data destroy at our site. The later is as standard and free of charge. We do unfortunately have to charge a small fee for onsite erasing, shredding, degaussing and crushing due to how expensive the machinery is and the fact that we have to bring it to your site. Your quote completely depends on where you are based, how much of and what exactly you need destroying.

So what kind of destruction methods can be applied to the IT Disposal Newcastle service:

  • Shredding – suitable for all kinds of media – Everything is shredded into tiny pieces.
  • Crushing – suitable for hard drive disks and tapes. It uses a 10 tonne punch to crush through the platter in the hard drive, making data irrecoverable. Tapes destroyed with this method are usually shredded afterwards.
  • Data wiping – unfortunately this service can only be provided offsite. We have a data wiping facility with over 50 systems in place. We use the DBAN boot and nuke which can data wipe media like SCSI, SATA, IDE. For other types such as Fibre channel and SAS, we use software called eraser.

IT Disposal Newcastle, will help you meet current laws and regulations. We can complete your waste hierarchy responsibility on your behalf. The data protection act is something to be concerned about, but we will take care of that by our data wiping, shredding, degaussing and crushing. The WEEE regulations require all companies, businesses, organisations, NHS, Hospitals, Government, Councils etc to dispose of their WEEE in an environmentally friendly manner using an authorised company such as ourselves. Not only that, we provide our IT Disposal Newcastle service completely free of charge.