Computer Recycling Newcastle

Computer Recycling Newcastle: Your local computer recycling service covering Newcastle and surrounding areas

Every computer recycling Newcastle collection is complete with multiple documents which is what every organisation needs. Beware; a lot of companies aren’t providing the required documents in line with the WEEE regulations.  You will receive a waste transfer note (WTN) for all non-hazardous items and a hazardous waste consignment note (HWCN) for all hazardous objects. Hazardous notes are in more depth than waste transfer notes due to the increased risk. If you are registered as a hazardous waste producer, your 6 digit reference will be noted on the transfer details and if not, you will be provided with an EXE code. The driver will ask you, if you require a full asset log of everything you dispose of and if you say yes, this can be in excel or PDF format. You will also receive a data destruction certificate which will detail all data baring devices that have been shredded, crushed or wiped.

Even if you drop equipment off at our local disposal site, you will still be provided with documentation as standard.

So what happens with all computer waste collected via computer recycling Newcastle and how does this allow us to provide a free service? Well everything we collect is brought back to our site and allocated a specific cage. All collections are unloaded before the vehicle is left on its own. The driver will not separate from the vehicle until it has been fully unloaded to minimise security issues. In each cage, goes one computer recycling Newcastle collection. A technician will remove all data baring devices and produce the asset report if required that is. Then after that, we have specialists determining what is re-useable and what is non re-useable. The no re-useable equipment (obsolete, broken, smashed up, wet) is broken down for materials recycling at one of our partner authorised treatment facility sites. All re-useable equipment is refurbished, tested and then PAT tested for re-use. We are able to sell recyclable materials in bulk along with refurbished IT Equipment, which allows us to provide the computer recycling Newcastle free of charge.