Computer Disposal Newcastle

Computer disposal Newcastle: Your local computer disposal service covering Newcastle and surrounding areas

Our Computer disposal Newcastle service does not only collect and recycle your old computer waste. We also deal with many other things on your behalf such data destruction etc.

To book your computer waste collection, you can either give us a call or you can send us an email. You need to have a few details to hand to ensure your collection gets booked in properly without delay. The Computer recycling Newcastle agent will need to ask for your company name, collection address and your contact details. We will need to know a rough guide as to what you need collecting. We don’t need exact numbers but a rough guide will do. This helps us determine how much weight / space each collection will need. To be eligible for a computer disposal Newcastle collection, you need at least 10 computer items including UPSs, Desktop computers, Laptops, Servers, Laser printers. We can collect other items but for example: one of our vans couldn’t come out especially for 10 keyboards, hence the reason we have this policy in place. Our agent will also need to know if there are any access restrictions or heavy items such as photocopiers. In such circumstances, parking arrangements or loading equipment or additional staff may need to be arranged. One final thing you will be asked is, if you have registered as a hazardous waste producer – if not, you may need to, but it depends on your circumstances.

Don’t forget, if your organisation in Newcastle produces large amounts of cardboard – we can collect and recycle it free of charge as we use it for packaging. If you require containers or 1100Litre wheelie bins for accumulated cardboard or IT Equipment, we can provide them at a small charge.

Computer disposal Newcastle pickups occur very regularly throughout the Newcastle region so wherever you are situated, we will get to you. All our vehicles are owned and run by our own staff.