Commercial Recycling

Computer recycling Newcastle provides a very reliable commercial computer recycling service in the Newcastle location (Newcastle centre, Newcastle-upon-tyne, Leazes, Elswick, Benwell, Fenham, Jesmond, Byker, Walker, Walkergate, High Heaton, Walkerville, Wallsend, Hebburn, Kenton, Cowgate, Denton, Whickham, Lemington, Lamesley). It doesn’t matter where you are situated in Newcastle, Computer recycling Newcastle will get to you.

We can provide any vehicles to suite each different collection ranging from 3500kg to 7500kg with and without tail lifts. Our drivers are specially trained and equipt with PPE and tools to do the job. Computer Recycling Newcastle has a fresh, newly refurbished warehouse that can process 1000s of computers weekly. We have recently invested in newdata destruction machinery such as the EDR hard drive crushed, industrial shredder, degausser and a completely new data wiping room of which can securely erase vast numbers of hard drives without any trouble.

The Computer recycling Newcastle service will allow you to dispose of anything computer related and telecoms related including items such as computer base units, laptops, servers, monitors, displays, UPSs, cables, connectors, WEEE, All-in-ones, Printers etc.

As computer recycling Newcastles commercial service are aware, a lot of computer WEEE waste is hazardous due to the lead and mercury components within. All hazardous equipment has to be safely transported in accordance with COSHH. All transfers also have be completed with a hazardous waste consignment note. We provide all the documents which you can see on our website prior to the collection. Hazardous computer objects include Displays (plasma, LCD, TFT, LED and CRT), Laptops, UPSs, Batteries etc. A lot of companies in the Newcastle area are producing large volumes of WEEE, a lot of which is hazardous leading to a lot of producers registering with the environment agency as a hazardous waste producer to be legally compliant with Computer recycling Newcastle. You can register with this for £18 quickly and easily on the EAs website.